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Help! My Daughter-In-Law Doesn’t Want Me Dating As A Woman Over 50

Dear Lisa

Help! My Daughter-In-Law Doesn’t Want Me To Date As An Over 50’s Woman   Dear Lisa,  I found a nice-ish man online but he has a beard and a moustache and facial hair is one of my deal breakers. We dated 4 times when I met his daughter […]

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Stop Feeling So Safe!

comfort zone

Stop Feeling So Safe!   An interesting thing happened to me in the last 24 hours of 2013 that I wanted to share with you. Something inside me said my theme for the year 2014 is going to be, “Get out of my comfort zone.” I love […]

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Are You A Drama Queen?


How many times have you seen the words “No Drama Queens” in a man’s profile on a mature dating website? Have you ever wondered if that’s you? The secret actually lies in these 3 questions you can ask yourself about your dating style.

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5 Healthy Steps For Surviving a Break Up


Women over 50 are facing breakups daily as relationships end for mature daters in record numbers. Here are 5 Healthy Steps to help you cope on your healing journey

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Dating at 50-Are You Settling versus Getting the Man You Want as an over 50 Woman?


Are you an over 50 woman who just wants a man in your life? As a mature dater, do you find yourself settling because you’re not sure you can meet Quality Single Men? Here’s tips on dating and identifying who is and isn’t a Quality Man when you’re dating after 50.

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The New Type of ‘Dear Jane’ Letter


Did you know the new way to break up now is by text. Here’s dating advice on what to do if this happens to you.

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